Quick Connect EMI/RFI Filtered Plate Assemblies

Click Here to download Catalog 7000R3 in .pdf format.

TUSONIX's Quick Connect and Bolt-In Filter Plate Assemblies provide ease of installation and line customization of standard size plates. Filter plates are the most efficient and cost effective solution for filtering multiple lines into, or between, different system compartments.

For higher frequency applications (above 50 MHz), filter plates can be more effective than typical surface mount solutions.  The natural shielding quality of the plates creates an effective RF barrier that provides excellent insertion loss and isolation for frequencies above 5 MHz.  The pre-assembled plates greatly reduce the time and resources that are required to individually install solder or bushing mount filters.

Our Quick Connect Series of Filter Plates features a base plate with built-in installation clips.  These clips allow for cost effective mounting into the system bulkhead without the cost associated with traditional hardware.

Quick Connect Assemblies